Saturday, July 6, 2013

New shoes, Short Run, Frankenmuth

I have to rush out the door pretty soon to spend the day in Frankenmuth with my awesome friend, Jo, but I thought I'd do a quick update since I am in a pretty fantastic mood.

I went for a short run today in the fancy new shoes that I got recently.

"Fancy new shoes:" Asics Gel Flux

Ok.  I'll admit it, these shoes are nothing special. I was really hoping for something with a bit more flair. Like these beauties: 

But the salesman at Running Fit convinced me to buy shoes based on comfort and the right fit instead of style.  Rude. 

It's taking me a while to get used to these new shoes because I am used to wearing a piece of junk pair with zero support. Slowly but surely I am finding these more and more comfortable.  

My run today was just 2 miles since tomorrow is Sweaty Sunday.  I love how even though I can run 8 miles (you know...sometimes), a two miler still makes me sweaty and yucky and tired and happy.  I am trying to work on my speed because I have felt pretty disappointed by my pace recently so I did a bit of interval training.  Probably not the way you are supposed to do interval training, but oh well.  Basically, it took me about the same amount of time to do 2 miles with run/walking intervals as it normally does at my distance pace, which I was completely ok with.  

I would have preferred to run around the park this morning, but I didn't have time.  Oh well. I actually don't mind running around my apartment complex because there are slight slight hills, but nothing too treacherous.  Also, there are some pretty things to see:

I adore weeping willows and we have quite a few in the complex 

I find this little bridge is cute. Fairly unnecessary, but cute. 

There are usually a million and a half geese wandering about the complex, pooping everyone and hissing at me as I run past. I tried to find them this morning to show you how many there are in my complex, but I failed.  Seriously?! Doesn't it figure that the one time that I try to find them, they are MIA.  But there are a billion. Take my word.  And normally they are lovely and I don't mind them. But mating season makes them cranky. I had one chase after me a couple months ago because it thought I was too close to it's babies. For the record, I was nowhere near them because even though the babies are completely and utterly adorable, the parents kind of terrify me.  Ok. 

Well. I am off to Frankenmuth.  We're staying at the Bavarian Inn, which has an indoor waterpark and an arcade.  I am going to try to force Jo to do karaoke with me. I don't expect to have much success.  It should be a wonderful day! 

What's your favorite place to run? 

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