Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Take 2.2?

Turns out, I was ready to run again, but my leg wasn't. It didn't get to the point where I was limping just from walking again, but like 4 days into my supposedly victorious return and I was achey even at rest.  :( 

I am struggling so much right now with trying to get back on track.  My weight has continued to crawl back up (thankfully not horribly fast, and I am still down quite a lot).  I am back doing Weight Watchers, despite my disliking of the program in general because I just cannot trust myself to be aware of what I am eating without being accountable to someone or something. I have been back on technically for 2 months, but I have not been tracking very much because I keep eating out and it is so hard to track.  Then I think very unhelpful thoughts like, "If I can't track it, I might as well eat whatever I want." 

I still want this year to be about health and well-being. I haven't given up. I am just struggling.  

I am so impatient when it comes to running. I love the feeling that I get from running. I'm more energized, I'm proud of myself, I'm happy and relaxed.  I want that. Everyday. I can't figure out how to know if I am physically ready.  I hope hope hope that I can get that feeling back.